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Friday, June 30, 2006

Back in Saskatchewan

After a quick stop down in London we headed back to the centre of the Universe, well okay maybe just the centre of Canada, to Saskatchewan. After some tough travelling moments during the last 6 months, we ended up getting pampered. We were upgraded to Business Class from London to Vancouver and it was a sweet 9 1/2 hour ride. Funny how when you are travelling in some of these places (obviously London excluded) that flight days become something to look forward to...sleep, service, endless amounts of movies and on some of the flights a bottomless glass of wine. At least we're not perpetuating the "Cheap Canadian" stereotype!?!

Favourite Airline: Cathay Pacific, followed by a close second of LAN Chile.
Worst Airline: Vietnam Airlines

Anyhow, after a plane change in Vancouver and then Calgary, we were back in the homeland. For how long, we had no idea, however, it ended up being quite short. 2 1/2 weeks allowed us a very quick visit with the promise to return later in the summer. We enjoyed not having to plan out our days and just relax and spend time with family and friends.

One of the first thing Wade did at home was go golfing with his friends outside of Saskatoon. I now remember why the license plates in Saskatchewan say Land of Living Skies. How beautiful is this picture?

Of course, we also had a few presents to hand out when we got home. Although, some were not as appreciated as others. Avery, Wade's nephew, does not seem too pleased with his Vietnamese outfit, particularly as it appears that Vietnamese babies have smaller heads! Don't fret Avery, it just means you are smarter than the average bear with that big brain of yours!!!!

We also made it back in time to take in our friends Maggie & Jeff's wedding. They had a lovely day for an outdoor wedding. Congratulations to you both. Oh, and our apologies for Wade doing the worm on the dance floor, but it was requested and how could Wade disappoint his fans?

The day after the wedding there was a big party out at Jeff's parent's farm. As has become tradition with Jeff, he is the bonfire king. Well, him and Shane.

And we got to spend some quality time with our friend's kids Jack & Kamden. Wade was very disappointed that he missed this season of hockey and so he made up for it by playing with the boys. Jack's right in there, but Kamden seems a little leery of Kamikaze Kenny.


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Hey, glad to see you back on Blogger! I check frequently :)

Hope to see you soon back home - we miss you!

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