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Friday, June 09, 2006

Desert Safari (U.A.E.)

So one of the top 10 highlights of our trip was this day, just outside of Dubai. We went on a desert safari which included sand duning in Toyota Land Cruisers (serious amounts of fun when you weren't fearful of rolling), visiting and riding camels, partaking in an Arabian BBQ and belly dancing.

Our safari consisted of 5 Toyota Land Cruisers with 6 people in each and a driver. We whipped around the desert for a couple of hours, which was better than most roller coaster rides we've been on. The inclines were insane at some points and we were sure we were going to roll. We soon discovered why a safari was necessary. Every single Land Cruiser got stuck at least once, except for one. Here is a picture of a rescue mission!

Wade made a friend out in the desert. Apparently a fair weather friend, because after he discovered that Wade didn't have a Coke to feed him, he really wasn't interested anymore. One of the drivers fed this camel two Cokes and he loved it. That would probably make a fantastic commercial for Coca Cola.

By the way, Wade and I converted while in the U.A.E. Do you think we fit it? Actually, I found covering my face very hot and uncomfortable. I don't think this is for me. Wade on the other hand seemed to like his get-up.

Wade also seemed to enjoy the belly dancing and was even selected from the audience to partake. It was a pretty funny sight to see him trying to wiggle his hips and shake his body. Unfortunately, our camera does not take the best night pictures and none turned out. Too bad, although after the Arabian Princess post I think I'm banned from such unauthorized posts anyways. Guess you'll just have to use your imagination!


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