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Our first Round the World trip from Jan 2006 - July 2006.

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Friday, December 30, 2005

Christmas in Saskatchewan

Well this is the first "White Christmas" Wade and I have had in the past 4 years. Wade spent most of the holidays with his friends and family in Saskatoon and I spent the holidays with my friends and family in Regina. We seemed to bring the warm weather with us from Cayman and all of the Saskatchewan folks were very pleased. Although, no one was more pleased than Wade and I. The temperature varied between 0 to 6 degrees and even so we found it chilly. A few weeks before we got here it had been minus 28.

A winter wonderland. I couldn't resist taking a picture at Wascana (a man made lake that runs through Regina) due to the beautiful hoar frost. Wade hasn't posted any pictures of Saskatoon yet...but as far as I'm concerned it is only right that Regina takes the spotlight given that it's the Queen city...well and the capital!

This is a picture of the Saskatchewan Legislature building in Regina...all decked out for the holidays. This building's claim to fame is that at one point in time it had the longest uninterrupted corridor in the world. The bridge that is close by also has a claim to fame that at one point it was the longest bridge over the shortest body of water. Who determines these stats anyways? That would be a pretty neat job I reckon.

And this is where I grew up and where my parents still remain. What I haven't figured out is why there isn't a Rena Shrine on the front lawn yet. I'm sure plans must be in with the zoning department for approval.